2015 Recap


Celebrating my youngest brother’s high school graduation.


The engagement of my brother Hudson to his longtime girlfriend, Libbie (she already feels like a part of the family!)



Jackson’s first day of kindergarten.


Preschool with Kate


Lynleigh’s first year

7 years of twu wuv and marriage.

New babies in our extended families- Emma and Elijah.

2015. Oh you were full of many memorable, sweet moments. But when I think about this year I realize this was a year of being home. I was home.  A lot.

For someone who is not a homebody, it was not always easy, but it was often the most practical solution to having 3 littles. The majority of our days were filled with playing in the backyard, watching Netflix, coloring, playing dress-up or Lego’s.  We occasionally ventured to the zoo, park, library, Chick-fil-a and church. But overall it was a year of being home.

I am thankful for the encouragement I received from other moms to remember that this is a season, not a sentence. Our first year as a family of 5 was often intense, never boring and full of the magic of ordinary days.

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