Running Late, Arriving on Time

The alarm went off this morning and my eyes widened with disbelief.


Crap. I somehow slept through the 5:30 alarm. I quickly made the bed (it looked like my 3 year-old made it, but hey – “done is better from perfect” etc.) and dashed to the shower. Gone was my plan to dress and enjoy reading and sipping coffee before the kids were awake. I would be lucky to have everyone dressed, fed and ready to GO by 7:45. Don’t ask why it takes that long – it just does. Sometimes you have to accept certain aspects of life and the fact it takes over an hour to get everyone ready (especially on the mornings Mike is not here) is just a part of the way things are at our house.

Despite it being a busy morning, we managed to drop Jackson off at school on time and arrive on time for Bible study. Now – just to be clear- I am not tooting my own horn. Punctuality has never been my strong point and I am not the most organized person. But these are the 4 things that made it possible for us to have a significantly less stressful morning, even though I was running behind:

  • Lunches were packed the night before
  • Everyone had clothes laid out
  • Bags were packed (diaper bag, backpacks, etc)
  • Breakfast was ready, quick and easy (pre-baked biscuits and boiled eggs).

For those of you who already do this and just said “duh” – bless you. Some of us had to learn these lessons the hard way. One of the things I am most thankful for in my experience as a “working mom” (with a loooong commute) is the fact that I was forced to learn how to manage our time in the mornings.

So, for what it’s worth: preparing for your morning the night before can’t be underestimated. It made it possible for me to be on time this morning and less frazzled than I would be otherwise. I get being exhausted at the end of the day and feeling scattered. But I have found I yell less and am much more pleasant even on crazy mornings like today when I prepare the night before.

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