Motherhood is a Gift

Every Mother’s Day I am struck by the unexpected gift of motherhood. For various reasons, I decided in my twenties that I hadn’t the slightest interest in becoming someone’s mother. Thankfully, I had no idea when I began dating Michael that by the time we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary we would be expecting our 3rd baby in 4 years.

Motherhood is truly a gift. It has continually surprised me. With each year of motherhood my heart has grown warmer. A kinder, gentler version of myself has emerged in a way I didn’t know possible. My children are a gift and I now can’t believe that I ever wanted to be childless. They allow me to see the depths of my own inadequacies and how much I need God. They love me even when I screw up. They make me laugh so hard and have brought more joy to my life than I ever imagined possible. I am very grateful to be their mommy.




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