3 Simple Things You Can Do to Support LIFE

Local pregnancy centers offer a safe place where a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy can find support. But few people realize that, in addition to providing free counseling and pregnancy tests, these centers do so much more than urge a mom not to have an abortion. They provide resources to help parents in their parenting journey, clothes, diapers and even baby beds and car seats. If you are a mom of littles or a grandma, there are practical ways to help. While many of us ideologically support choosing life, here are 3 practical ways to be pro-life:

Volunteer at a Local Pregnancy Center

Volunteering once a month at a local pregnancy center was, by far, the most rewarding work I’ve ever experienced. I began volunteering when I was single and continued up until I had my second baby.  I’m (temporarily) on a hiatus from counseling, but am looking forward to returning once my baby is in preschool.

Only after I began volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Center did I realize how abortion touches the lives of almost everyone we know. Pregnancy centers offer free pregnancy tests and counseling for women. They also provide post-abortion counseling for women who have already chosen abortion and need help processing what happened. These centers are often staffed primarily by volunteers. Even helping once a month can make an impact.

Donate Baby Items

Instead of consigning your gently used items, consider giving them to a center that can share them with a mother facing an unexpected pregnancy. Giving brings so much joy and can affirm our faith that God will provide. It also provides a wonderful way for our children to see our faith in action.

Purchase Items

While diapers and wipes are not cheap, a single pack of wipes at Target costs less than most drinks from Starbucks. Even if you can’t volunteer at a center, you can almost always give baby items. Most of us have the flexibility in our budgets to purchase a pack of diapers or wipes once a month and drop them off at the center. You could even consider having your small group donate items quarterly.




We are surrounded by men and women who have lost children to abortion. I never realized this before I volunteered at a local pregnancy center. There I met wonderful Christian women who shared their stories of how they chose to abort their children. They all had one thing in common: they didn’t feel they had a choice. Choice. The very word that represents abortion. But so many women never felt they were given an option.

We live in a time of t-shirt activism. We buy a t-shirt or share a Facebook status and think we are somehow impacting the world. But other than stating our position on an issue, what does this type of activism really accomplish? Look for practical ways to support others in choosing the gift of life. My hope is that we will refuse to simply be passive bystanders and become actively pro-life.

Click here to find a pregnancy center in your area. 


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