Boys Should Have Skinned Knees and Dirty Clothes

Several years ago I was at the park with Jackson when a boy who was probably between 8-10 decided not to play because, “I might get my pants dirty if I go through the tunnel.”


Perhaps he knew his mother would be upset with him. At any rate, I purposed then and there that our son would never worry about his mother scolding him about his dirty clothes. Yes, there are many days when I want to ask how on earth he managed to cover himself in mud within the first 5 minutes of playing outside. But I want my son to be who he is – an adventurous, crazy boy!
So I will keep buying his clothes at a consignment sale or on clearance (The Children’s Place had an amazing sale recently, btw). When he’s an adult I want him to have fun memories of exploring and playing hard…not memories of keeping his clothes tidy at the playground.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I have the same philosophy when it comes to clothes. Almost all of the clothes my boys have are from consignment sales. Nothing is so special that it can’t be replaced! I want them to run, play, and get dirty!!

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