A Little Reading

We only have a few precious days of summer break left this year. If you’re looking for a story of how we went screen free for the summer or read 100 books, sorry-not-sorry: my kids watched a lot of TV this summer. As much as I love reading, we didn’t spend gobs of time buried in books. Oh we went to the library almost weekly  and checked out whatever stories interested them. But I never required them to read before watching TV. 

Overall, I just let my kids relax this summer. They have so much structure and reading in their lives during the school year. I work hard all year to make sure they are reading enough and keep up with multiple school reading logs. I gave myself the summer off and it has been fabulous. This summer I didn’t make sure we logged X amount of reading time each day. We simply read when we felt like reading. 

I am learning to give myself grace. For me this meant allowing my children to watch more TV and have a less structured summer. At the beginning of the summer I realized that I too needed a break. I let myself off the hook from having to craft the perfect summer for my kids or even keep up with their summer reading logs. Instead I tried to just have fun with them and enjoy our days at home – not easy for someone who is 100% an upholder. It has been exactly what I needed to feel ready for the new school year, though. Sometimes I’ve found the best thing I can do is not care what other moms are doing or what the experts say. So if your kids read 100 books this summer and barely watched TV, good for you! That may be us one year (probably not, but I’ll let myself enjoy the idea). But, for now, we spent the summer relaxing at the pool or in front of the TV. And it was wonderful.

How did you spend your time this summer? Did your kids read? Watch TV? 

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