A Wonderful Place To Be

Recently I was contacted by a friend whom I haven’t seen in quite a while. She asked for the link to my blog and, observing I now have 3 children, remarked, “What a wonderful place to be!”

I smiled when I read her message. It was one of those moments where you stop and realize that yes, it is a wonderful place to be. She didn’t urge me to “enjoy every moment” or observe that my “hands are full” (can you tell I hear that a lot?!) She merely noted that I am in a sweet place in life.

Because I am actually here, living this life every single day I sometimes need to step back and soak it in. Today I am grateful to simply be here. I was single until I was 28 and, honestly, the transition to motherhood at 30 felt rather jarring. With our 7th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, we have had our share of highs and lows. But I am thankful for the God who “satisfies your life with good things” (Ps 103:5)


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