Be The Change

A few days ago I was snuggled on the couch reading The Lorax to my sweet 4-year-old when these words from Dr. Seuss grabbed my attention. “The word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear. UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” As we move forward after a highly contentious election cycle, this is the thing I hope to remember: things only change when people choose to care “a whole awful lot.” Positive change will occur when ordinary people realize the power they have to make a difference in their families and communities.

Like many people, I was surprised by the outcome of this presidential election. Selecting a president is significant, but we can never underestimate the power we have as citizens to create the change we say we want for our country. If we weigh our choices  -even for a fleeting moment – through the lens of history, what a difference our lives can make.

The truth is: life is always messy. Our country has always been a beautiful mess. But the only way we will see positive change is if we care “a whole awful lot” and choose to be the change we say we desire.

We can choose to be positive and look to the future with hope. Hope that America has good days ahead. That God is still at work in our country. My prayer is that we will all look for ways to make this amazing country a better place.

We can move forward with an awareness of the power of raising the next generation. The people we have elected (and their advisers) were once children whose worldview was being formed. While we can’t guarantee our children will embrace our worldview, we can do our best to give them the tools they need to be men and women who are kind and have courage.

Caring “a whole awful lot” will look different for each of us. In this season of mothering small children a lot of my deep caring for our country is shown in simply voting. Because let’s just be real here: it would be so much easier to stay home. When I take the time to vote it sends a message to my children that this is important.

As we look to the future of our country let’s purpose to be the change. Instead of pointing fingers or relying on politicians, let’s look for positive steps we can take at home and in our communities. Let’s care “a whole awful lot” and do everything we can to make this nation a place we are proud to call ours.

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