It Was A Trip, But It Was Fun!

4 days, 3 nights at the beach. So much time preparing. So many lists to make sure we didn’t forget anything (we still did). I almost called my mom to cancel after I realized how much energy, planning, etc. it would take to go somewhere for 4 days. But I didn’t cancel and we made some wonderful memories.


Lynleigh experienced the beach for the first time. Eating sand was a favorite pastime.

Lynleigh with Marmee

She easily adjusted to being held every waking moment (when not eating sand) and loved the unlimited snacks Marmee provided.


Jackson was constantly in the water, while Kate enjoyed creating a sand garden (forget sandcastles – sand gardens and bakeries were the thing).


We celebrated my mom’s birthday. The kids loved having Marmee with us!


It was, overall, a good first trip as a family of five. We returned home late Sunday night and spent most of Monday unpacking, grocery shopping, and doing laundry.

My mom always says you go on trips (not vacations) when you have small children. Knowing it would be a trip helped me adjust my expectations for the long weekend. I didn’t catch up on sleep or reading or spend prolonged hours at the pool. I did, however, enjoy walking on the beach with my husband, watching my kids having a blast, and hanging out with my mom.

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