Black Friday Shopping Trip!

This was, by far, the most fun Black Friday. Mike’s sisters spent the night so we could leave super early – around 4 AM – and shop before he left for work. We ended up shopping mostly at Kohl’s and bought:

  • Shoes, shorts(3), tshirt for Mike
  • Robe, polo, tshirt, hoodie for Jackson
  • Minnie Mouse outfit for Kate
  • Christmas outfit for Lynleigh
  • Bathmat
  • Poinsettias for the neighbors for Christmas
  • Mittens, socks and flannel sheets for me (and a few personal items not pictured ?)

I was able to use $15 Kohls cash plus a 15% off coupon and received $45 back in Kohls cash to spend this coming weekend! I did go over budget slightly but did not use a credit card -so that felt like a win!

Where did you shop this Black Friday? 

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