Book Review: Praying Through The Deeper Issues of Marriage

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I read a lot of books about marriage before Mike and I were married. Most of them could be summed up:

Have sex.


Agree about your finances.

Have sex.

Try to get along with your inlaws.

Have more sex.

The end. 

We entered the land of marital bliss as nearly-thirty-year-olds and guess what? There were issues in our hearts that went so much deeper than anything covered in all of the marriage books. Most of the books were the equivalent of giving a cancer patient a band-aid and aspirin. Not that I compare marriage to having a disease. But you get the picture. I was intrigued when a friend discussed Stormie Omartian’s Praying Through the Deeper Issues of Marriage and knew this book sounded different from the have-sex-and-it-will-all-be-fine books.

Stormie’s straightforward way of addressing issues most religious people will not even discuss was exactly what I needed. She doesn’t merely instruct you to pray through the deeper issues, but also gives Scriptures to pray for yourself, your spouse and your marriage.

Praying Through the Deeper Issues of Marriage is one of the few books I recommend to couples. It’s more than a “how to fix your marriage” book. It’s a guide for moving past the surface issues that distract us and trusting God as you work through the deeper issues in your own heart.

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