Celebrating 2 Years of Blogging (and a Giveaway!)

2 years ago I launched my blog. Thank you to everyone who has read Busy Nothings Mom these past two years. I am very, very grateful. This week, to celebrate, I am offering a giveaway. Go to my home page and sign up to receive future posts and you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of Gretchen Rubin’s new book The Four Tendencies. This personality framework changed my life and helped me understand myself and the people around me. Take the quiz to discover if you are an Upholder, Rebel, Obliger or Questioner.

When I began my blog in 2015 I was in survival mode with three small children and the blog often felt like one more thing I was not doing well. But through it I discovered that I truly love writing and it met a need in my life. When I launched my blog I had so many ideas. I still have more ideas for this blog than time to  implement them. There are  days I’ve considered quitting because there are not enough hours in the day to do everything and blogging is one more thing. I have to wake up at a ridiculously early hour to blog. There are many mornings I choose an extra hour of sleep. But the mornings I drag myself out of bed and spend the first hour blogging are, without doubt, the best days. I truly love that hour of quiet where I can write and think, uninterrupted. I often have to remind myself that I have little time to blog because life is very, very full. I am thankful for the fullness.

One of the best things I have learned from blogging is to not worry about defending myself.  I’m a blogger, not a lawyer. It’s not my job to defend myself or what I write. Seasoned bloggers warn about needing thick skin, but I’ve found that most of the time people are very generous and positive. I have often been blown away by the kindness of readers.

As I move forward with the blog, I want to post regularly. When I first launched my blog I planned to post three times a week. Now, between working part-time and everyday life with 3  kids, there is simply no way for me to keep up with that kind of posting schedule. So, moving forward, I plan to post every Friday. I love the idea of posting daily, but I know that is not going to happen. They say that it is important to show up for your readers. So from this point forward I am trying to show up every Friday. That, at least, feels like something I can do. Some weeks it may be more. But check in with me on Fridays.

I began the blog as a resource for other moms. I’ve shifted away from being a mommy blog and am now a blog sharing my own personal journey and what I am learning. None of us have arrived. But we are all learning something and I want to share just a little of what God is teaching me. The past two years have been a whirlwind and I am thrilled to begin this next year of blogging. I have so many ideas for posts, freemiums, giveaways, etc. So stay tuned.

For now, head over to my home page and enter to win Gretchen Rubin’s new book! If you win I will contact you via email and ship the book to you when it is released on September 12th.

May you find joy in your “quick succession of busy nothings.”


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