Celebrating Easter

I love holidays and Easter is a favorite. Every year since we have been married we’ve hosted our annual Easter egg hunt. This was our 8th egg hunt and we had such a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family. Mike had to work this Easter so it was exceptionally nice having him home on Saturday.


No smiles allowed…apparently our kids missed the memo that you’re supposed to smile at the camera


My sweet Kate

Easter morning I awakened with a pounding sinus headache. It didn’t improve even after drinking water and taking allergy meds so I was very thankful my mom spent the afternoon with the kids so I could rest. I did manage to read the Easter story to Jackson and Kate while Lynleigh napped (hey, if we were not going to church we could at least do something more meaningful than eating Easter candy and watching Netflix). I love how the Jesus Storybook Bible captures the story of Jesus’ resurrection – “God’s Wonderful Surprise.”

I’ve decided to wait and not pack away our Easter decorations. I want to enjoy them a few more weeks, because Easter was early this year and I love my Easter decor. And because it reminds me of forgiveness and redemption. As we celebrated this weekend I was reminded that God always wants to write a story of redemption. He wants to redeem us in our broken places. He longs to bring life out of death and healing out of our pain. His offer of forgiveness and restoration is always there…always available.





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