Preparing For The Holidays

Happy Monday! Can you believe it is the week of Thanksgiving? Jackson is home from school this week and we are enjoying a break from our normal activities. I love making holiday memories with my kids, but this is the time of year when, if I am not careful, my type-A, control freak personality can show up big time and wreak havoc. The holidays…a beautiful, amazing time of year that can bring out the best in people. And the crazy in all of us too.

This past weekend I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Chalene Show. Her show is always on the top of my list. I love her quirky humor, practical tips and positive outlook on life. While her show is always great, she featured two absolute must-listen-to episodes recently:

“How To Deal with Pain in the Butt People” and

“Oh No! Your Attitude is Showing!”

I’ve already listened to them twice. They were powerful reminders that the difference between a truly merry Christmas and a miserable Christmas has nothing to do with decorating my house, buying gifts or any of the events we plan to attend. It has everything to do with…my attitude.

If I project stress, angst, and frustration it trickles down and affects everyone in the family. If, however, I choose to navigate what can admittedly be a stressful season with love, patience and gratefulness, it can create the warm, happy memories I desire to give my children.

While I know that this holiday season will include at least a couple moments where Mike has to remind me to chill, I am incredibly thankful for the reminder that I can choose my attitude.

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