Little Weekend Finds at Ikea

I love making a room inviting and cozy. Decorating our house is something I enjoy but struggle to make time to actually do…something about the tyranny of the urgent.  While I am not a big fan of the lots-of-stuff-everywhere look, a few well-placed decorations can completely transform an area into something lovely. This weekend Mike and I enjoyed a trip to IKEA and found these little items for the fireplace in our room.


Plants always seem like a nice touch, but keeping a plant alive is not high on my priority list right now – I’m giving myself a gold star for keeping my kids fed and relatively clean. So the artificial plants work for me. They have already added such a fresh, welcoming feel to the hearth.


Also, in our (future) guestroom…

Nearly 20 years ago I inherited my great-grandmothers gloves. My great-grandmother was, by all accounts, a very proper person who never ventured into public without her hat and gloves. I’m fairly certain the gloves were in storage for several decades before I received them and they continued in a storage box until last week. I finally found a beautiful shadowbox frame at Hobby Lobby (yay for 50% off sales!) and arranged the gloves for display. It makes me happy to use this small piece of family history.


Next on the list – curtains and new nightstands. I finally found an online store with curtains long enough for our windows.

I love seeing a room come together!  Our current-master-bedroom/future-guestroom is slowly becoming what I’ve envisioned.

Is there an area of your home you’re currently decorating?


  1. Rachel Jones says:

    OMG. Those gloves are amazing, and you found a great way to display them! I love family heirlooms like that. My mom comes to visit in May so I plan to re-organize and decorate our den/playroom. Window treatments, labels on toy bins, and book cover art are a few of the projects on the list. We’ll see how far we get!

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