DIY Art Display

In an effort to keep my refrigerator doors uncluttered and to avoid meltdowns from children seeing their prized artwork in the trash, I made this super easy (Pinterest inspired) art display, which now hangs in the playroom. You will need scissors, twine, clothespins, and thumbtacks or pushpins.

I am not an artistic or creative person, so when I say this is a simple project, I do mean simple.  Once you decide the length of the display area you:

  • cut the twine to the correct length
  • use the pushpin to secure it
  • clip the art on with clothespins, and…

you’re done!

Ours has provided a great place to display artwork and school projects. Art is immediately placed on display instead of cluttering the kitchen counters.

IMG_1595 (2)IMG_1596 (1)

Let me know if you try it!

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