DIY: Man In The Yellow Hat Costume

Last Halloween I was hugely pregnant and did not want to expend a lot of effort into coming up with super cute costumes (motivation was at an all-time low).

Since we already had a “monkey” costume, I decided Kate would be Curious George and Jackson would be the Man In The Yellow Hat. Fortunately,  Jackson loved  the idea and Kate was too little to object. Of course, Kate’s costume technically wasn’t a Curious George costume.  But it was close enough.

I am all about Halloween and having fun, but I do not want to buy expensive costumes. I found this blog and loved Adriana’s creativity. She made it look so easy! A yellow shirt, yellow and black felt and a black top hat (which I covered with yellow felt) and Jackson had a costume for around $10.


I’d love to hear about  other fun DIY costume ideas! Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays.

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