For the moms who can’t let it go…

If you do nothing else today, please read this post. This advice from a mom of older kids beautifully captures what I wish I could say (but can’t because my oldest child is 6 and I have very limited parenting experience). I read it and wanted to cry. Someone – a mom – actually understood that I find it very difficult to constantly “savor the moment” when my home is in chaos.

I’ve heard so many older moms urge those of us who have young children, “Leave the dishes – they will be there tomorrow.” To which, I always want to reply, “Exactly – they will be there tomorrow. There will be twice as many dishes and I will be even more overwhelmed.” Procrastination is not the path to relaxation for some of us. I have learned to prioritize my children over my home being picture-perfect. But my house is not in utter disarray. Because as much as I love my kids, I can’t function in clutter and with piles of dishes and laundry. The cute pictures on social media may reminds us that “good moms may have sticky floors and happy kids”but I am happiest when my socks don’t stick to the floor. And my kids are most relaxed when I am relaxed.

Sometimes being a good mom means knowing what works for me and making it a priority so I’m not a grumpy, overwhelmed mess.

Happy Monday!




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