The Jackson-Hadden BBQ: A Family Tradition

Many years ago, my husband’s maternal grandfather began a wonderful annual event that has become a family tradition. Every fall he hosted a BBQ for family and friends. Over the past few years, Mike’s family has reestablished this tradition.

Nearly every fall, Mike and his 11 siblings gather at their parents’ home for a weekend and host the BBQ together. With people living out-of-state and everyone busy, it has become the annual time for us to gather together and reconnect.

Preparations begin weeks in advance, but the Friday before the BBQ the fire is lit, the meat purchased, and the guys (and a few girls!) start cooking! Tents are assembled, tables and chairs are organized, and the fun begins!


Saturday morning, after everyone is bleary eyed and sleep-deprived, we manage to have happy, smiling faces for the annual family pictures.


Everybody (big, loud, and crazy fun!)                            Our little family


The original twelve                                                     The cousins

After pictures everyone is busy preparing for the steady stream of family and friends.



I love family traditions and am thankful for our annual time with Mike’s big, crazy family!

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