Feel Energized This Holiday Season!

Everyone’s blogging about avoiding holiday stress, simplifying Christmas and not becoming crazy (in general), and I’m over here stating the obvious: The Christmas season is a beautiful, busy time of year and you simply need to drink more coffee.

Yep. Increased coffee consumption is a legitimate strategy. Brew another pot. Make a 3rd or 4th run to Starbucks.

Seriously, though. Sometimes I think we are consumed with the idea of holiday stress. I’m not denying there is a certain level of challenge to this season.  But I’ve been scrolling past so many articles about how most of us find the holidays exhausting, miserable and complicated.

I’m just going to say it: drink extra coffee if you’re really that exhausted. And remember we make a choice about our attitude and our priorities (my husband is working Christmas Day so I often need attitude checks).

On average I am up at least once or twice each night with one of my kids. I am already exhausted without the addition of the Christmas season. so I’m drinking more coffee and plan to kick back next week as much as I can and enjoy my kids. Watching Christmas movies, baking cookies, visiting family….coffee cup in hand.


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