Friday Night Party

Happy Saturday y’all! It has been an exceptionally long week so we are enjoying a pajama day at home.


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Mike was home last night and we enjoyed family time.  Every Friday night we have our “Friday night party.”  It’s quite simple, really. We buy a couple pizzas and ice cream and call it a party.  I’m always amazed at how little it takes to impress my kids at this age.   They think our Friday night party is pretty much the best thing ever.

Some family traditions are only for a season,  but I have a feeling this one will last.  I love coming together at the end of the week and enjoying  quality time with my favorite people!   I’m sure things will change over the next few years. They won’t always go to bed at 7 and our Friday night party may include movies, board games, etc. The tradition may change but I hope we will continue to make family time a weekly ritual.

I want to create traditions that they will  remember. Often the little family traditions bring such joy in the long run. Someday my kids may not be as wildly enthusiastic about cheap pizza and a single  scoop of ice cream, but for now I’m enjoying their  happiness in the little things.






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