Goals For The Week

Last week my goals involved going to bed early, rising early and reading. There were days I did well and a couple nights I stayed up waaaaay too late. Overall there was definitely room for improvement but I was pleased that I did manage to go to bed before 10 most nights.  I  read a lot considering how much we had going on, but it was the first week this year that I did not finish a book. While it is easy for me to come up with a long list of goals for the week, I do much better if I can focus on 2-3 items. This week I want to…

Finish the 2 books I’m reading. I’m always surprised by how much I can read when I take a few minutes here and there to read instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Exercise daily. Because endorphins. That’s all.

Go to bed early. This is a continual struggle for me, partly because I am an introvert and love the quiet and mostly because I am a mom…and love the quiet. Even if I don’t rise as early as I would (in theory) like to, I am at least going to bed early. This is the one thing I have found that significantly impacts my ability to be pleasant throughout the day. 

What are your personal goals for this week?



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