Bye-Bye Baby Weight

Having your 3rd baby has certain benefits – like knowing how your body responds to pregnancy and nursing. This time around, I knew that attempting to lose weight (while nursing) was futile. So I exercised as much as I could in my exhausted state (not much), and didn’t cut back on calories.

After I weaned Lynleigh I was ready to lose the baby weight. I began eating more salads and focused on consistent exercise. Six weeks later, I weighed myself and discovered that I lost…

Absolutely nothing. A big, fat zero.

Finding time to work out wasn’t easy and I was discouraged that I could be so consistent and have nothing to show for it. Sure, exercising improved my mood, but I was ready to shed the excess pounds! My body didn’t seem to get the memo: it’s time to LOSE weight!

Around that time an article by Chalene Johnson popped up in my newsfeed about what to do if you plateau.  Since I am a huge fan of Chalene, I clicked on the article, hoping something she wrote would help.

“You may think you’re eating healthy, but if you take a closer look and start keeping track of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth, you might find that you’re not eating as healthy as you think.” Ouch. Yep, I suspected this was the reason behind my lack of weight loss.

She recommends the MyFitnessPal App, so I added it to my phone so I could begin tracking my eating habits. This app is quite user-friendly, even for a busy mom. Now that I’ve used the MyFitnessPal App for several months I realize that while I truly thought I was being healthy, I wasn’t. As soon as I began tracking my food I quickly realized how often I treat myself or find it easy to graze (since I’m at home with my kids). It also made me realize how often I was forgetting to eat. I would sit down to add lunch items to the app and think, “Lunch…lunch…I fed the kids lunch, then…” Frequently, I fed everyone else but discovered my lunch was still in the microwave.

It was only after I began exercising regularly, planning healthier meals (and snacks!) and using them MyFitnessPal App daily (except for Sundays, my “off” day), that the scale finally began to budge. While I still have a few more pounds to lose, I’m much closer than I was a few months ago.

Yes, I know. Quite the epic tale, huh? While there is nothing earth-shattering about my journey, I suspect many moms struggle with the same issues behind my lack of weight loss: consuming too many calories and sporadic eating. I hope this post will encourage someone to know there are tools to help you reach your goal of being healthy.

One of the most challenging things (for me, at least) is taking personal responsibility for my health. It’s easy for me to blame a lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of something, anything. I finally realized I can blame my circumstances and wallow in frustration…or I can take personal responsibility for my choices. While I can’t control the fact that my lack of sleep continues to impact how slowly I lose weight, I can control how I spend my time and the food I consume.

So I’m over here focusing on baby steps. And looking forward to the day when I can say I’ve reached my goal of losing a grand total of 100 lbs (the final tally from all 3 pregnancies). Until then, I’ll take it one day, one meal, one workout at a time.

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