How To Instantly Relieve Congestion

This past weekend I dropped by my mom’s house and mentioned that I had been struggling with a sore throat for several days (by Monday I finally figured out it was strep). She quickly mixed this drink up and wow. It quickly opened my sinuses and soothed my sore throat. While I still ended up having to take an antibiotic, this drink was the only thing that brought relief. With cold season around the corner, this is the perfect brew for those days when you wake up feeling less than 100%. Enjoy!

Apple Cider Vinegar Brew for Sinuses


1/2 cup water
1/4 cup unfiltered apple cider vinegar (I like Bragg’s or Heinz)
1 tablespoon raw honey
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (you can substitute hot sauce)
Juice of 1 lemon wedge


  • Bring water to a boil.
  • Mix hot water and apple cider vinegar in a glass.
  • Mix in honey and cayenne pepper. Stir well. Add lemon juice.
  • Drink the mixture regularly until the condition subsides.
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  1. Ashley says:

    Hi Aimee! I found your blog in the MOPS directory, and enjoyed looking around a bit this afternoon. My husband has a cold right now, so when I came across this recipe, I offered to make it for him. He was sceptical at first, but it certainly did clear out his sinuses! Thanks!!

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