I Should Have…

Do you ever have one of those days where a theme emerges from various sources? This morning I watched Crystal Paine on Periscope as she discussed the book she’s reading, Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I usually don’t watch the scopes about her book club. But for some reason, I did today.

The quote she shared was incredibly powerful: “Regret is a tough but fair teacher. To live without regret is to believe you have nothing to learn, no amends to make, and no opportunity to be braver with your life.”

Later I began reading my Bible app, She Reads Truth. The theme of Audacious Grace in the book of John coincided beautifully with the above quote.

“It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:3).

“Jesus’ radical statement shifts our gaze off of our ‘should’ and onto His grace.” – Diana Stone

Regrets and God’s audacious grace.

We all love the idea of “living a life without regret.” It sounds noble to wish to look back upon your life and feel nothing but satisfaction. Apart from the fact that this is an unattainable goal, there is a sense in which I am thankful even for the things I regret.

Regret reminds me of how much I need God.  Through it I see who I am apart from the work He has done.

Regret gives me hope because I can see how much I have grown.

Regret gives me the courage to be brave, because I know the price of not having courage.

Regret teaches me to love without holding back, because you never know what tomorrow will hold.

Usually I think of the word regret as being something negative. But today I’m changing that and realizing that even the things we regret can be positive.

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