In Acceptance Lies Peace

As a young teenager and twenty-something I devoured the writings of Elisabeth Elliot. I need to go back and reread those books and see how they impact me now that I am well into my thirties. One thing that has continually stood out to me is her reminder, “In acceptance lies peace.”

Life is so full of things we can’t control. And I like control. Seriously. I have had a long and not-so-beautiful relationship with this thing called my wish to control. “In acceptance lies peace.” When I choose to accept and relinquish my right to control, my right to have life on my terms.

Perhaps the modern-day equivalent to this quaint saying would be “it is what it is.” Somehow, my heart calms when I simply accept what is instead of indulging my frustration.

I’m reminded of the time Jesus calmly commanded the storm, “Peace! Be still!” (Mark 4:39).  One of my favorite verses is Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Knowing my preschoolers and baby will effortlessly make a huge mess every meal time and that my husband is working a 48 hour shift and it’s all up to me to train them and clean up the mess…

In acceptance lies peace.

When I am utterly spent and exhausted from being up multiple times throughout the night and one child refuses to nap for even five minutes…

In acceptance lies peace.

When a friend chooses to walk away from our friendship and the sting of rejection hurts deeply even though I’ve done what I can to make things right…

In acceptance lies peace.

When I’m tempted to give way to jealousy because my friend who had a baby several months after me is looking fabulously skinny, but my weight refuses to budge until I quit nursing…

In acceptance lies peace.
At the end of the day I may look back with regret on the times I wasn’t patient with my family. I will wonder why I snapped over trivial things. 
In acceptance lies peace.

In the midst of the chaos of life, perhaps it is often best to accept what is and choose peace. No, I’m not advocating a passive lifestyle. We do what we can to make wise choices, eliminate frustration, and get along with other people. But there are times when there is little (if anything) we can do to change circumstances or people. It has been powerful to see the storm within me calm as I choose acceptance.

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  1. BeccaDish says:

    I needed this today. This last week has beyons overwhelmed me and I’ve been fighting acceptance of the hardships that life with littles brings. Thank you for being open! This was hugely helpful to read…and gives me a direction to work towards.

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