Love Your Choice

This weekend we celebrated our 8th Valentine’s together.  All I can say is that God had a sense of humor when he brought together two incredibly independent, stubborn people.

We can be best friends, but when we’re not it’s like two trains colliding. For several years I held out hope that someday things would be easy. Someday we would never argue.  We would be one of those couples. You know- the always-happy-and-never-argue kind. Someday he would realize that he needed to do things my way (aka the right way).  The light would shine through the clouds and the heavens would sing as he realized I was right about…everything. Ha.

I’ve come to realize that day will probably never come. We are both strong, opinionated people. And while I occasionally fantasize about perfect harmony, the truth is… I need someone who is strong too. Someone who is willing to be honest. Someone who loves me for who I truly am ,despite my flaws.

The thing about love is that it requires us to be vulnerable. It means that someone has seen me at my worst and still chooses to stay. To care. It is humbling and exhilarating at the same time.  The same man who saw me in my wedding dress has seen me give birth to our three children and still tells me I’m beautiful.image

Here’s to celebrating true love. To growing together when life tries to tear you apart. To choosing your love and loving your choice. Happy Valentine’s friends!

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