The Return of the Meatless Monday

Meatless Mondays are baaaaack! Mwhahaha!

Our sweet baby, Lynleigh, now sleeps through the night and I feel like I can return to cooking healthier meals (more veggies, less frozen pizza and chicken nuggets). My family loved this Meatless Monday dish. I mean, who could hate Macaroni and Cheese soup?! I chopped the veggies and cooked the noodles that morning, since I’ve discovered that while I love Skinnytaste recipes, they can be somewhat time-intensive (almost every recipe seems to take forever when you are cooking with two “helpers” and a screaming baby).
One of my sweet friends asked how I got Mike on board with meatless Mondays since her husband isn’t a fan of meatless meals. My answer was simple: I never asked him, I just did it. Poor guy.

In all seriousness, though, meatless meals may not be my husband’s favorite, but he doesn’t complain. It not only helps our grocery budget, but there are lots of statistics about the benefits of not eating meat once a week. So we are back on  the trying-to-eat-healthy train and not eating meat on Mondays.


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