Merry Christmas!

We are in full Christmas mode at our house – watching holiday movies, baking Christmas treats, and generally enjoying the kids being on break from school. I thought about sending Christmas cards,but I haven’t sent them in five years, so why start now? Maybe next year. I look at all the cards we have received, though, and I am profoundly grateful for the friends God has brought into our lives. From the church we attend to the friends from the kids’ school, to people we have known for years, it is a joy to reconnect with so many friends this time of year.

Yesterday we enjoyed a Christmas open house. As we were going inside, I mentioned to Jackson that I have known these friends since I was his age. Almost 30 years. We may not visit often, but through the years we have managed to keep in touch. And for that I am very thankful.

The next few days promise to be busy with more family gatherings, Christmas Eve services, baking, and wrapping gifts. I want to savor these moments and enjoy them. Yes, there will be moments of frenzy, but overall I have intentionally scaled back my to do list and expectations. Because this truly feels like a magical time of year, but I need to step back to see it.

May you find joy in your busy nothings this holiday season and take the time to pause and celebrate the beauty around you.

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