More Than Another Political Post

I am passionate about politics. As much as I try to keep this blog non-political…well, sometimes I can’t help myself. Over the past few days I have read several articles, followed the news and come to one conclusion: as we research the candidates, vote, and then deal with the election results, we have a unique opportunity this election cycle.

We have the opportunity to live what we say we believe: God is sovereign and God is good. Never have I felt this more than in recent days. As the past few weeks have unfolded I have been reminded that God is faithful and he never desires for me to be a “freak out woman.” We are meant for more than being filled with anxiety. Rarely have I felt my trust in God so tested. As I have pondered the significance of this election I’ve realized I can either allow my concerns to become full-blown anxiety or I can choose to focus on who God is and trust that He is at work in the mess. This election is significant. It matters. Your vote matters. This is the world our children will grow up in and we want it to be a good, safe place.

The way we speak about the election, the way we view it, will impact them. If I become my own personal version of Chicken Little they are not going to believe me when I tell them we can trust God.

Our children are observing the way we speak about the election and about other people. This includes how we respond to people who hold a different point of view. If I speak demeaningly about someone who holds a different point of view they will learn we call names instead of discussing the pros and cons.

I recently witnessed a woman talk about how she “prayed for months” about which candidate to support…and in the next sentence described people of a differing view as “mindless.” I couldn’t help but wonder how her condescending attitude about someone else’s viewpoint played into her alleged prayer life. This year we have the chance to teach our children that you can disagree without being disagreeable. We can show them how to respect someone who has a different viewpoint without wavering from our beliefs. Our words and our actions need to line up with what we say we believe.

This election is significant. Let’s use it to teach our children what it truly means to act with courage as we trust in the sovereignty of God.


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