My 3 Favorite Podcasts

In this season of life, one of my favorite things to do  for personal growth is to listen to podcasts. While I’m cleaning, exercising, cooking or running errands I’m almost always listening to a podcast. My current top 3 include:

Happier with Gretchen Rubin. This podcast has changed my life in many positive ways (in fact, a friend suggested we begin our own podcast,”Lives Changed by Gretchen.”) She shares so many practical  tips on how to live a happier life and has a fun dynamic with the show’s co-host, her sister, Elizabeth. The fact that Gretchen is a fellow upholder and “gold star junkie” has endeared her to me. In addition to the weekly show she also includes a Monday podcast that is usually around 5 minutes called “A Little Happier.” And it always brightens the beginning of the week.

Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast. When a friend recommended this podcast I was hesitant to listen. In fact, she mentioned it several times before I checked it out. You see, I grew up in a very fundamental, independent baptist culture and associated Focus on the Family with that  legalistic time in my life. I trusted her judgment though and decided to listen to the episode she recommended. I was not disappointed – the podcast was a huge source of encouragement and positive growth. They address important (even difficult) issues head on but in a very loving, kind manner. Over the past few months listening to this broadcast has challenged my perspective and helped me find practical way to connect with my husband and children.

The Chalene Show. Chalene Johnson is like the older sister I never had and always needed. She is funny, full of practical ideas and is constantly challenging me to put my family first. Her life and time management suggestions have been a great inspiration as I juggle life with 3 kids.

This week I added Pantsuit Politics to the mix. I’ve always found politics fascinating, but over the past 2 years I have been less engaged than ever. I recently realized I truly miss it and this podcasts seems like a good way to keep up to date on the current political issues.

Tell me about the podcasts you enjoy! I would love to hear your recommendations! 

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