Finally launching my blog!

Several months ago I met with a sweet lady who is mentoring me. When she suggested blogging would be a good outlet, I was hesitant. My newsfeed contains an unending stream of mommy blogs. Yes, I enjoy reading blogs, but I was not comfortable with the idea of being a blogger. I am, at heart, an introvert and private person. Blogging means putting yourself out there and, since so many people already do that, I saw little reason to add myself to the list of voices clamoring to be heard. In her kind way Lynn encouraged, “Yes, but you have a unique perspective you can share…and you need an outlet.”

Shortly after talking to Lynn, I visited two of my lifelong friends, Hannah and Rachel. When I mentioned the blogging idea they were quite supportive. Between summer with all 3 kids at home and a teething baby, my launch date was pushed back a few times, but … here we are launching on September 1!

I am excited about officially launching my blog today!   I hope as I share my “unique story and perspective” that it will encourage someone. Busy Nothings Mom will focus on practical tips for moms with small children, home organization ideas, sharing what God is teaching me about enjoying life fully and, of course, stories about my family. I’m looking forward to this new adventure and am so thankful for the encouragement and support many people (especially my husband) have provided.


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