Saying Yes To The Princess Dress

“Mommy, may I wear my pwincess dwess?” I was in midst of the flurry of activity known as getting everyone out the door when Kate walked into my bathroom with her princess dress. Somewhere between having Jackson brush his teeth and combing Lynleigh’s hair I quickly replied, “No.”

Then I saw her face. Disappointed and sad. In that moment I realized I didn’t even have a legitimate reason to say no. I was simply in my herding-the-cats mode and trying to get everyone out the door so we could enjoy Cow Appreciation Day. Because I love Chick-fil-A and needed a break from cooking. We were going to ENJOY this blessed day of free food.

“Never mind – YES -you may wear your princess dress.”

She was thrilled.We added floppy cow ears to her ensemble and she was the cutest princess cow ever.

While making my kids happy 100% of the time is not my job,  I want to do what I can to let go of my inner control freak and have fun with them. I want to spend more time enjoying them and saying yes. I want to hear more than their words. I want to listen to their hearts. Saying yes to the princess dress was a reminder that ultimately there are many things I need to simply let go. Saying no shouldn’t be my default. This week I am saying yes more and looking for ways to make even the mundane a little fun.

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