Simple Strategies for Shopping on Black Friday

I have a confession: I absolutely love shopping on Black Friday.

I love the deals, the Christmas decorations, being a part of the crowd (which is unusual for me since I avoid crowds 99.9999% of the time).  I have been known to shop on Black Friday while hugely pregnant and with 2 toddlers in tow (which probably makes me sound like a crazy person). Somehow sipping a gingerbread latte while pursuing multiple stores and listening to Christmas music always feels like the perfect way to begin the holiday season. 

As much as I love finding great deals on Black Friday, I also know how easy it is to overspend and buy things I don’t really need. This year I am still looking for bargains on Black Friday, but decided to be intentional in the way I approach shopping (my husband will thank me).

  • Have a very specific list of items I am looking for and keep the list on my phone. I am easily distracted and I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into a store only to completely forget why I am there. Keeping The List on my phone (where it is less likely to be lost) helps me focus. Of course, it’s fun walking aimlessly throughout a store and finding great deals on 100 things I don’t need, but….
  • Look at online ads ahead of time. Shopping is like hunting. You need to know where to stalk your prey. Even a quick glance at the ads can help me plan which stores to visit and make sure I’m finding the best bargain. It’s also a great way to find additional coupons. The Money Saving Mom has a great list here.
  • Refuse to make impulse purchases. This one is TOUGH. I’m not often spontaneous but when I am it’s almost always making a purchase I will later regret. Most of the sales are week-long or at least last the entire weekend. If I find a great deal it will probably be there the following day.  Giving myself time to reassess can help me determine if I truly need an item or if I am simply caught up in the moment.
  • Do not use a credit card. This is probably the biggest thing that helps me avoid overspending. Paying with cash (or a debit card) means that I can’t make multiple impulse purchases. It also means that I have to look at our budget before shopping and determine how much money I can spend. Not fun, but it pays off (literally!) in the long run.

I hope these simple tips help if you too love shopping on Black Friday! I’ll try to post what I buy (because accountability). Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

What strategies do you use when shopping on Black Friday?




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