Simple Summer Plans

Only 3 weeks of school before summer vacation begins! When I worked I always found summer a wonderful, relaxing season. Work slowed down (slightly) and I was able to enjoy the hours of sunlight after work. After I quit work I discovered…summer with small children can quickly become verrrrry long if you don’t have a good plan in place (sometimes they are long even when you try to have plenty of activities for the little people).

As I’ve looked online I’ve been so impressed (and a little daunted) by how amazingly organized some moms are over the summer break. From special summer binders full of printables and activities to scheduling a super fun thing each day of the week – some of you are AMAZING.

When I sat down to plan our summer I looked at a few ideas online and felt inadequate and overwhelmed. I had to slow down long enough to ask myself what would make this summer a win for me? What would make it a win for our family? As much as I love social media, I sometimes think it can be detrimental. So many ideas, so little time (or, in my case, so little follow-through).  Last summer was very long for me. This summer we plan to do more, but to still keep it fairly simple. At this point in life, with 3 sweet littles, I need simple.
To make this summer a win, we plan to:

Limit Traveling

I love to travel. Mike and I always have a blast exploring new places.  But traveling with 3 small children is not our idea of fun. This summer we are taking a few day trips and we may be able to squeeze in a trip to the beach, but overall we are staying close to home. Plus we are still renovating our home so travel is not high on the priority list. If it is a trip to the beach or finishing a room…the renovation list will win every time.

Regular Me Time

I am an introvert and absolutely must have regular time alone or I begin to feel unglued and become a not-so-pleasant version of myself. This summer I’m planning to let the kids sleep later (and by sleep later I mean threaten them if they leave their room before 7). If I can spend the first hour of the day reading, blogging and savoring the silence I will be a nicer person. I’m also planning on having an hour of “quiet time” for everyone after lunch. You shall be quiet or you shall be sorry (not really, but…really).

A Plan For The Week

Having regularly planned activities we do each day of the week seems to help them relax and know what to anticipate. Enjoying a trip to the library every Monday, dollar movies on Tuesday, etc. makes life easier for me. I’m not scrambling trying to find something for them to do.

A (Loose) Schedule for the Day

We don’t need a super strict schedule throughout the summer. But I find my kids do better if we have a general routine we follow and they know what to expect every day.

Working Together as a Family

Over the past few months I have really dropped the ball with having them do chores. We have been using a very simple chore chart, but I often find I forget to have them help in the rush of school, activities, etc. So this summer, after breakfast and before we go for a morning walk, they will help me with a few chores.

Not Having To Make Everything Amazing

Summer is long. They will be bored and you know what? That’s not my problem. I am not an activities coordinator who has the responsibility of planning the most magical summer they will ever know. I’ve let myself off the hook from having to make every day memorable. We will have awesome days and some will be completely crappy. That’s life and that’s fine.

Our summer plan is in place and I’m looking forward to the change of pace and spending more quality time with my kids.

What are your plans for the summer? Do you keep your kids on a routine or do you like to be more spontaneous?

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  1. Therese says:

    Great article! Great writing! I love these ideas. I love routines as well, even in the summer. The kids are so happy when they have a routine. Being a little bored once in a while is healthy in my opinion. Isn’t that what summer vacation is about? To have the time to be a little bored sometimes and not rush everywhere. Have time to play and not have to be at school and in organized activities all the time. To be able to enjoy a Popsicle while you watch the clouds go by 🙂

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