Small Goals Are Ok (Or, At Least, I Hope They Are)

Y’all. This has been a weird week. The kids were out of school (and I was home from work) Monday and Tuesday as we braved Irma. I had a detailed list of what to do in the event the storm became fierce. We spent most of those two days watching Lord of the Rings. Who knew a tropical storm could be so much fun? We didn’t even lose power. Seeing all of the pictures from Florida has reminded me of how very, very fortunate we were to spend two days curled up inside our snug house, in our comfy clothes, enjoying yummy food and watching movies. But the rest of the week has felt strange. I had to work on Thursday and that is normally the day I go to Barre class and run errands. Yes, I am a creature of habit. As much as I enjoyed those two days, it threw off my groove for the week. Don’t mess with my groove, Irma.

I have struggled so hard this week with determining my goals for the next year. Frankly, it’s been bizarre. I’ve written down ideas, thought about them during the quiet moments, and been thoroughly puzzled by the fact that it felt like something wasn’t meshing. I was even struggling to define my goals and dreams for the next 9 months of life. I am generally so quick to list goals and the steps to achieve them. Part of my feeling stuck has come from the fact that we are planning a few significant, positive changes for our family. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more soon (don’t worry- all good things). But they have made it challenging to define where I want to be in May. There are a few things I absolutely know I want to do over the next few months:

Focus on quality over quantity. I find it easy to constantly be checking things off my list from the time I wake (around 5) to bedtime. This year I plan to only focus on 1-3 projects per day. I recently realized that I need more margin in my life. More time to enjoy the time I have been given.  One of my goals this year is to prioritize having fun. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that having fun is a goal. The truth is, I love working. But after watching this Ted talk I realized how little I was prioritizing play and how the lack of fun often makes me feel resentful toward my family. Even if it is just a 20 minute episode on Hulu or Netflix, I plan to enjoy myself more and have have downtime.

Choose relationships. As I’ve said many times, I am a very task-oriented person. But I’ve already started focusing on choosing relationships over my to do list. I still love the feeling of accomplishing a lot throughout the day. But my word for this season in life is still intentional. I want to intentionally choose relationships.

Continue to prioritize my health. My health has drastically improved over the past year and for that I am very, very grateful. Having 3 C-sections in 4 years took a toll. I feel like my body is finally recovering from having babies and severe adrenal fatigue. While I have learned to be gentle with my body, I want to challenge myself to be consistent with working out and sleep. I plan to go to barre twice a week and do cardio, weights and yoga. Sleeping at least 7 hours is always slightly tricky, because I dislike needing to sleep. If you see me snap at people, though, it is generally because I am exhausted. So sleep more made the list.

Spend at least 15 minutes every day writing. Through this blog I discovered that I truly enjoy writing. The only way to improve my writing is to practice, so I plan to spend consistent time practicing each day.

Read 30 books. My gift to myself is that I have permission to stop reading a book if I find it boring. Often I muddle through…kind of like I’m doing right now with the Harry Potter series. I have enjoyed the series but I am on the final book and it’s 700 freaking pages long. It feels like a literary Mt. Everest. I’m only a couple hundred pages in, but it is my last book read due to great feelings of obligation. All other books this year will be read because I enjoy them. This includes the nonfiction. I’ve been reading the Federalist Papers again and I am simply in awe of Hamilton. He was brilliant.

Those are a few of the things I plan to do over the next few months.  My goals for this year feel like slow and steady growth instead of the major life changes of the past few years. While they’re not big (like buying a 100-year-old house, having a baby, or finishing college), I am happy with them. They reflect my personal growth and I am grateful to not feel the need to rush from one big thing to the next.

What do you want to accomplish by next May? I would love to hear your plans! 

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