Spring Break, Y’all!

We’re on vacation this week! Well, technically we are enjoying a staycation. Mike has to work this week and, as much as I reeeeeally wanted to head south for warmer weather and an overdue visit with a dear friend, I could not see myself driving solo with 3 kids for 8+ hours.

So we decided to stay home for spring break. And you know what I’ve discovered? Being home can be nice. I love the idea of traveling…then I think of all I have to do (in addition to normal life) and my motivation evaporates. There are perks to staying home.  No spending several weeks planning. No making a list and checking it multiple times. No packing for days. No trying to keep the kids out of the things I have already packed.

Even though we are home I still wanted to make this week a fun spring break for our family. So I planned a few outings – the zoo, the park, a family hike, etc. And I also planned to not be productive. While planning to do very little may sound weird, it was something I had to do to make sure I focus on enjoying my kids.  I am usually very task-oriented, so a week at home always sounds like the perfect opportunity to accomplish extra goals. This week I am being intentional about keeping my to do list short…very, very short.

We are not being super productive around here this week. But we are making memories and enjoying baking muffins, playdates, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and building forts.


What are you doing for spring break?

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