Stomach Bugs and Reading Good Books 

 Ironically , finishing this book was the only thing I managed to accomplish this week . I was at the gym Wednesday morning when a stomach bug hit hard. All of my plans quickly evaporated as I was forced to rest. My mom and Mike kept everyone going, but it was definitely one of thoooose weeks. 

But tomorrow is another day, another week. My time of forced rest reminded me of how much I do love this season of investing in my family. The little people are growing quickly. Even though I am thoroughly exhausted most of the time and often feel stretched far beyond what I can handle, there is no where else I’d rather be.

As I was sick this week I was also reading Linda Dillow’s “Calm my Anxious Heart.” This one section jumped off the page at me:

“Life is full of potential problems and pain. But we have a choice. We can worry or we can trust the Trustworthy One. We can’t do both. When I feel anxious and worried about my daughter — or anything else in my life — I ask myself, ‘What am I trying to control instead of trusting God.'”

So this is what I am remembering this week: there is a God and I am not him. I am choosing to relinquish my illusion of control and trust him with my “potential problems.” It’s never easy…but neither is being a control freak. As I see my sweet kids I’m reminded that more than family devotions, more than Christian music, more than fun church activities…they need to see me -their mom- living a life of trusting God. 

What did God speak to you about this week?

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