Super Tuesday!

Cast ballot.

The simple act of casting my ballot was a powerful reminder…
of what an amazing privilege it is to be a woman and have a voice
of how many women in the world today still do not have this right that I so often take for granted
of the sacrifices made so we can have this incredible country
For this, I am thankful.
Never in my life have I been less involved in politics than I am today. I only decided yesterday who was receiving my vote. Seriously y’all – I miss politics so much. But I know the day for me to be heavily involved will return.
For now, I vote.
Even though it’s never convenient. Even though I have a million other things to do. Even though I can’t campaign. I choose to at least vote.
Every election I find myself battling the temptation to give in to anxiety. What we do today is having a very direct impact on my babies. This election is important. It is crucial to the future of my children. But I rest in the truth that I did my part and I trust in God’s sovereignty. Regardless of the outcome of this election, we have hope.

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