That Summer Sunshine

So how was your weekend? Jackson said Saturday was “the best day ever” as we had breakfast with Mike’s dad (and a few of his 11 siblings), went swimming, grilled out and had s’mores that evening, etc. Mike worked Father’s Day but we did manage to see him for a few minutes before duty called. We enjoyed visiting my mom later that afternoon and the kids loved feeding the goats we met on our walk.

This summer is going by quickly. Thank you, Jesus. Last summer draaaaaaged on and on. Seriously, summer 2015 is a blur of the kids playing at home and constantly trying to find the energy to do more than survive. The fact this summer seems to be passing quickly is a good sign. We are out and about and enjoying life. Trips to swim lessons, the library, the movies, a few pajama days at home, etc.

I’ve had to alter a few of my plans. You would think by now I would know that nothing really goes according to plan. But still, I insist on making a lovely plan…and watching it turn out very differently from what I imagined. Life is tough for the control freaks among us. I originally thought I would workout every afternoon while the kids rested. Throughout the school year, I exercise before the kids are awake or at a morning class at the gym. I’ve found myself sleeping later (you know – the parent version of sleeping in – 6:45/7) and enjoying taking our mornings at a more leisurely pace. By the time our afternoon quiet hour rolls around I really want to just sit down and work on the blog or read. I discovered the gym afternoon childcare opens at 3:30 and hardly anyone is there at that time. It’s really too hot to play outside so, this summer I’m giving myself grace to sleep more and enjoy a little break from the kids in the afternoons.

In the mornings I’m reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It’s definitely one of those books you have to read in small increments. I’ve found with being home with my kids that I need the mental stimulation of at least a little serious reading. But afternoons and evenings are for fun reading. I love classic children’s literature. A few days ago I finished the Series of Unfortunate Events.  I’m beginning the Harry Potter series this week. I listened to the audio books several years ago when I worked and had a long commute (when you spend 10+ hours on the road each week you learn how to make the hours less tedious). Anyway, I’m excited about reading the series since I loved the audio-books.

Jackson is attending his first VBS this week. I have so many fun memories of going when I was a kid and I can’t believe he is already old enough to attend. He was slightly nervous this morning, but he walked into his class and knew several kids from school and forgot to even say goodbye to me. The huge smile when I picked him up said it all – he had a great first day!

So that’s what is happening around our home this week! What are you doing? Are you enjoying your summer?

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