The Best Advice I Received As A New Mom-of-Three

When a mom of triplets gives you advice you listen.

I don’t even remember most of the conversation, but I distinctly recall the moment my friend Julie shared what ended up being the best advice I received after I had Lynleigh. With 3 kids under 4 I was accustomed to being advised, “The dishes and laundry will wait – they’re only little once!” or, “You need to relax your standards.”

But Julie was different. She shared a practical tip that ended up making a huge difference in my life. She explained that cooking (or at least doing most of the prep work for dinner) around lunchtime had been a huge help when her triplets were small. Such a simple idea, but it felt like a lifeline to me. 5:00-6:00p.m. was my baby’s fussy time…and my toddler’s needy time…and the preschooler’s let’s-be-crazy time. If you’ve never tried to cook while holding a baby and keeping a preschooler and toddler relatively contained and happy…well, it’s quite the culinary adventure.

I discovered I could complete most of the prep for dinner while the kids finished lunch. Instead of arriving at 5:00 and trying to cook dinner in the chaos and craziness, I could pop dinner in the oven or reheat it in the microwave. This one simple thing made my evenings feel significantly more peaceful. While it did not magically transform 5:00-6:00 into our happy hour, it did make the time feel less harried. Sometimes a friend sharing a simple, practical tip makes a world of difference.

Is there any advice you received as a new mom that was particularly helpful?


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