The Gratefully Unemployed

Sunday while I was perusing Facebook I noticed my memories for the day included a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. The lovely flowers my husband sent 3 years ago on my final day of work. A part of me misses certain aspects of having a job. However, I am thankful my husband looked ahead and realized I needed to finish my degree without the added pressure of juggling a job.

3 years… of working hard, but not being employed. People call moms who are unemployed “stay-at-home” moms. I still dislike the label. Motherhood is a gift, but it is only a part of who I am. And I rarely stay at home. Yes, my focus is on my family but I don’t have an agenda with this choice. I don’t think moms who are employed are somehow “less than” the moms who choose to be unemployed. At present this is what works for our family. It is the right choice for our family right now. It isn’t something I’ve always aspired to – I like working. I enjoy it. But at this moment, with my husband being a full-time firefighter (and the craziness of his schedule), with having multiple little people…it works for me not to work. It brings stability to our family life. And for that reason I am among the gratefully unemployed. 820884_4850683836396_1454121007_o.jpg

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