The Little Things

Since Lynleigh joined our family, I’ve occasionally felt a twinge of sadness that I don’t have a nursery for my last baby. Her baby bed occupies a corner in a room which can only be described as a temporary holding place for random items. It’s essentially where things are stored until we’ve finished renovating.

This room stores Mike’s grandmother’s piano, the office desk and computer, a treadmill, extra chairs for the kitchen table, a sofa, ladder, etc. It’s not the charming nursery I imagined for my little girl, but in the grand scheme of life it’s soooo not a big deal.


While I can’t make Lynleigh’s room the Pinterest-perfect nursery of my dreams, I finally decided to add a few touches to make it feel more like her special place. Simple, small changes which have brought so much happiness each time I see this little area looking more like a nursery and less like we placed our baby in a storage unit. Dusting off the Peter Rabbit nursery collection brought back sweet memories of when Jackson and Kate were babies.


Doing little things to improve an area can make such a huge difference. This is still the room we use as an office and to store large items. But having this “nursery corner” (instead of just having her baby bed in it) has added a warmth and sweetness to the room. She will never have a true “nursery” since by the time we move upstairs she will probably be around 3. But at least I’ve had this little corner to enjoy. Sometimes…most of the time…it’s the little things.



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