The Missing Letters

You may not realize it, but you use the letters o, p and s quite frequently when typing. How do I know this? Because several years ago, while writing my thesis, I left a small child alone with my laptop for 3 minutes. This child did the only logical thing there was to do – they quickly began removing letters from the laptop. I returned only to discover letters and various pieces that keep them anchored on the keyboard…everywhere.

Even after I was able to find most of the letters from the various places they had been scattered all over the room, they never quite fit like they did before. And letters o, p and s were permanently lost. Or maybe they didn’t reattach well so I tossed them. Details are fuzzy at this point.

Shortly after this occurred I finished school so I technically didn’t need the laptop quite as much as I did before. I was busy unpacking between bouts of morning sickness. Then we had Lynleigh. Then the  house always needed something. Before I knew it several years went by and the letters remained missing. I still felt super annoyed each time I tried to use the laptop.

So finally the other day I checked Amazon and for only $20 I was able to replace the keypad. It may be one of the little things in life, but…there is nothing like being able to type without having to repeatedly hit certain letters before they appear.

Is there something small bringing joy to your life this week?

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