Welcoming the Holiday Season With a Fun Trip to Stone Mountain

We officially kicked off our holiday season yesterday with a visit to Stone Mountain’s Christmas Village. Yes, we are those people. For years I refused to do anything Christmas-related before Black Friday. But sometimes you have to go with the flow. And since we had the opportunity to join Mike’s sister Donna and her family, we decided it would be worth breaking our “no Christmas activities until after Thanksgiving” tradition.

The weather was supposed to be rainy and, for once, the weatherman was right. It rained nearly the entire time we were there. The nice part? We enjoyed great seats at every show and there were no lines.

The kids loved the three-story play area…

IMG_1970 (1)IMG_1972 (1)

and participating in the Snow Angel story…

IMG_1982 (1)IMG_1987

We enjoyed a couple Christmas shows…


Met Mrs. Clause (even Lynleigh liked her!)


and walked around in the rain (and splashed in a few puddles).


I am so grateful the kids are able to share these special times with their cousins. The parade was cancelled (due to the weather) so after dinner we headed home.

I have to admit that I was initially inclined to cancel our trip to Stone Mountain. Walking around in rainy, cold weather didn’t sound fun. While the weather wasn’t great, the experience was totally worth it and I’m thankful we decided to go even though the weather was icky.

Plus it was nice to return to our vehicle and dress everybody in warm pajamas (I’ve learned to always, always bring pajamas for the kids if it looks like we may be anywhere past dinner time). On the way home the kids watched MIckey’s Christmas Carol and it truly felt like a wonderful start to the holidays.

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