What Are You Giving Yourself This Holiday Season?

A few years ago I shared my secret to staying energized throughout the holiday season: drink more coffee, people. It was the strategy that worked for me. Coffee was my precious. It was the thing that kept me functioning. Then the years of not taking care of myself caught up with me and I had to give up coffee. It was a sad day. About 18 months later, though, I barely miss coffee. I feel so much more energized, healthy and less anxious than I’ve ever felt in my adult life. I gave myself the gift of prioritizing my health. Now, it’s true that I didn’t’ really do this until it was absolutely necessary, but…whatever. At least I finally woke up and realized it was time to care for myself. 

While I am better at prioritizing sleep, I still need a little boost in the afternoon. This time of year, in particular, can be such a challenge. Our wonderful, full lives become more hectic during the holidays. I love the Christmas season. But I find myself quickly becoming exhausted and turning into Scrooge. Instead of drinking inordinate amounts of liquid energy (aka coffee), I’ve been taking this adrenal supplement. I take it 3 times a day: early morning, mid-morning, and around 2 p.m. Sometimes, if your adrenals are truly depleted, you may have to work up to taking it 3 times a day. But this one supplement is my new precious. It provides sustained energy and not the crash-and-burn of coffee or sodas. It is easy to talk about how we “don’t have time” or “can’t afford” to care for ourselves. The truth is, we make time and spend money on the things that are important to us.

We are all so busy this season. But consider something you can do for yourself. As parents it is easy to fall into the trap of constantly sacrificing. While some sacrifice is necessary, prioritizing your health is worth the effort. A couple years ago the simple encouragement to “take care of yourself” felt vague and unattainable. Small steps help. Start  with finding a supplement which can help provide the energy you need (in lieu of something that will negatively impact your long-term health). Several of my friends love Young Living’s Ningxia Red. While I personally have found the adrenal supplements provide a greater energy boost, do what works for you. But do something. Small steps toward health count. You are worth it.


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