What I Did Today (Instead of Eating Out)

Thursdays are usually my morning to run errands and brave the grocery store. It’s also the  one day of the week that I occasionally treat myself to lunch. This morning, though, I couldn’t help thinking about how caring a whole awful lot means making little sacrifices and small choices.  I felt that little tug on my heart. You see, for a long time I have had a heart for women facing unplanned pregnancies. It is not the season in my life to counsel at a pregnancy center, but I still want to do anything I can to help.

Today, instead of buying lunch while we were out running our errands, Lynleigh and I dropped off diapers and wipes at our local pregnancy center. The total cost? Less than $10. It was probably less than I would have spent on lunch. It was such a small investment that I can’t even call it a sacrifice. But it was a practical, simple way to worship the Creator of all life. A mustard seed act of giving.

When we arrived at the pregnancy center the receptionist thanked me and said they are completely out of wipes. It was such a reminder that even a small gift can make a huge difference. And the salad I made at home tasted almost as good as the one I would have purchased at Chick-fil-A.

Sometimes it is easy to feel like buying something as seemingly insignificant as a pack of diapers isn’t worth the time.  Or we think we don’t have the resources to help (believe me, we have had times where our budget was so tight I could not fathom adding one more expense). The truth is that most of us could add a single pack of diapers or wipes to our groceries and be fine. Wherever we are we can look for tangible ways to give. Sometimes it will not be through grandiose gestures but through small sacrifices.


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