What I Want My White Children To Know

I am raising three white children. This weekend I became keenly aware of the kind of white people I don’t want to raise – people who believe they are superior, people who celebrate death and destruction.

These are the things I want my children to know:

  • Love God, love others. It’s really that simple. Choose to view everyone for who they really are: a human with intrinsic worth, made in the image of God. It is impossible to do this and believe you are racially superior to anyone.
  • Be kind to others and do good things. Refuse to give in to hate.  Don’t respond to hate with more hate. We overcome evil with good, not more evil and destruction.
  • You are defined by what you do, not the color of your skin.  What you do, though, as a white person matters. Speak up when people make subtle, racist remarks. Don’t be silent in the face of evil, however socially acceptable it may be.
  • Pray for the people you see who are full of anger and hate. Pity them. How sad to be so blind. But don’t be afraid to stand up and say “not on my watch.” Evil prevails when we are silent.

The supremacy of any race over another is pure evil. We are all created in the image of God (who clearly loves diversity). The events of the past few days have made me keenly aware of how much it is time to speak. It has also made me realize how important it is  that we confront the evil of racism when we see it. There is still so much work to be done.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

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