When All You Need is a Chainsaw

We have watched Trolls too many times this summer.

This was the only thing I could conclude when I saw the attempted tunnel one of my kids decided to dig in their bedroom wall. I was bewildered when I walked into said child’s bedroom Friday morning only to discover a significant amount of paint peeled off the wall beside their bed.

Did I mention that this is the bedroom I painted only a few months ago? Yes. It was amazing I did not have a meltdown. Perhaps I wasn’t fully awake. At any rate, I asked the rather obvious question, “Why did you do this?” The child’s eyes were immediately downcast and they muttered something about being a “stupid kid.”

“You’re not stupid. I need to know what happened.”

They then went on to explain that they wanted to dig a tunnel. And concluded our conversation with a sigh, “It would have worked if I’d just had a chainsaw.”

It was all I could do not to laugh. A chainsaw?! Seriously.

“Even if you were able to dig a tunnel, it would only have led to the playroom.” I watched as the lightbulb went off in their head. “Ooooooh.”

I’m still not angry. But it does feel frustrating. It seems that for every two steps I take forward with the house, I take one back. I’m sure there is some useful lesson I can glean from all of this. At this point though I’m simply praying this kid never figures out where we keep the chainsaw.

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