When You Fizzle

The plan was to finish strong. I wanted to complete a bunch of projects this week in preparation for summer break (because, honestly, I’m not sure how much will be accomplished this summer while I have all three kids at home).

But if life with three small children has taught me anything, it is that things rarely go according to plan. Since this is Jackson’s last week of school, I planned  to finish Kate’s preschool ” letter of the week”program with her and possibly enjoy a visit to the zoo with just my girls.  But when the baby had a stomach virus on Monday and a few days later the other two had it…well, I am learning to be flexible.While having a plan is a good thing,  I’m learning  to take life in stride when my plans are completely disrupted. I’m letting go of the control freak version of myself and choosing to enjoy the little things that  add beauty to each day. We have not finished the school year quite as I envisioned. It’s more fizzle than sizzle. But it’s making me very thankful for the summer break. I’m ready for a more relaxed pace over the next few months.


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